Dreaming about myself getting married dressed as a bride.


M single gal i have been dreaming about myself getting married dressed as a bride.
But the guys face is just not clear it's repeating very often whts d significance? It's a long dream ...

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Hi Monikaa,

The dream reflects your attitude towards marriage, love and life; it is a typical epitome of your heart.
1. It indicates your desire for a happy marriage or your desire for a forever happy life;
2. It represents the beginning of a new life and the dream is related to your growth;
3. It indicates bearing great responsibility and reflects your sense of responsibility;
4. It represents being restrained and losing certain freedom;
5. It also indicates that you should pay attention to health or suggests that you might fall ill.
I dreamt today mrng whr saw my self dressed n a red bridal dress my mom was packing my truso...It's vry frequent ...
What's the significance of dreaming of sindoor falling n forehead & parting from a pooja thali
Plz can u tell u
Dreaming of youself dressed in a red bridal dress reminds you should pay attention to your health and avoid being hurt recently. In work, you are easy to neglect the details and lack the overall consideration to the task.

If you are single, it indicates you will get success in love.

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