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Yesterday I had the strangest dream ever. I was with my girlfriend in an event from my job, with a lot of people from the school I work and it was like a ceremony. Everyone there seemed happy. But at somepoint, close to the end of the ceremony, i was holding hands with my girlfriend, having a laugh when suddently i saw a tornado forming in a lake really close to us and i looked at the sky and it started raining as hell. I held her hand and we started both running towards a house at the end of the street, always holding hands. When we got there, the house was all made of glass, and I looked back and there was a big lightning storm at the bottom of the sky.
I just remember waking up after this dream, I woke up calm, not sweaty or scaried, but normal, in the middle of the nighttime.

Can someone help me understand this please?

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Hi Hugo,

This dream indicates recovery what you has previously lost or get good out of misfortune.

It reminds you pluck up courage instead of being sad when meeting something not going smoothly. Everything will turn to be good again.

It also indicates there may some friends to visit you recently.
Hello Jerry,

Thank you for your answer. But there was something I didn't understand.. I need to pluck up courage or I already do?
And there is no connection between the presence of my girlfriend by my side the entire dream?

Thank you,
You need to need to pluck up courage.

In terms of love relationship, the dream indicates you may have small disputes with your girlfriend in waking life. It reminds you to be calm and avoid quarreling when have differences with her. Or the hurt will be deep.
Hello Jerry,

Thank you so much for your help! I appreciate it a lot :)

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