Dream of having to save someone from drowning


I have had this dream two times in three days. A car drove into the water. It was sea water near a port. There were many people who saw it but no one helped. I didn't want to jump in but I had to because no one did. And I also called 911. I was on the phone then I saw the car being pulled out and there were three people..all alive, all strangers ... there was a old woman and her teenage grandson in the front seat who drove the car in the water because they wanted to kill her son who was in the back seat. The man was crippled, couldn't speak and missing limbs...he looked as if he was shrunken. I felt guilty because I was being praised as a hero but didn't actually pull the car out....
The second dream was a child that I don't know was drowning in a muddy lake. I jumped in and saved him. But it was a teenage child and he was disabled too.... no onlookers or feeling guilty this time.

In another dream I was trying to figure out where I was going.. I felt alone. There were people around but no one knew me or seemed to care. In the dream I came across three people who were lost and I helped them get home or to their hotel safely. They thanked me but then I was alone and lost again in a strange city trying to find my hotel where I could rest.

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You should watch out your health condition recently. You may have a relapse.

It also indicates in waking life, you may feel the inner restraint recently. There are many negative emotions in your heart. As the drowning people finally be saved successfully, you could walk out the dilemma finally.
Thanks. What is the significance of the saved people having disabilities? I'm not sure I understand "relapse". Relapse of what?

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