Dog year, family healh problems, what on earth do I do?


Hi there,
Guys I'm a dog from 1994. After reading your predictions for the next year I honestly don't know what to do.I mean for 1994 dogs you write something like 'a bad event may occur in your family therefore be aware of the health of your elders.'
Mom's a dragon from 1964. She's got a herrendous year regarding her health, and now I'm freaking out because altough at the moment she is alright, she was diagnosed back in 2012 with breast cancer, so one of my worst fears is that the illness may come back next year. She's not really old, she's barelly 54 next year. My mom is on a diet , she doesn't drink or smoke, she exercises and she is on a five-year hormonal tratment for the next four years, also she is going to have at least two major doctor check-ups next year, I think around February and June\July. She is religious and spiritual as she prays and meditates a lot, also at the moment her cancer did not spread anywhere else in her body, ans she is considered cured. My grandpa, my mom's father is a rooster from 1933 and was diagnosted with colon cancer last year, he refused any treatment as for now. My predictions are really bad for the next two years, doesn't matter I'm talking chinese or european. For pisces with scorpio ascendent is proper bad.My question is what on earth do I do now? Just sit and go crazy waiting for something bad to happen? My mom was supposed to go for a medical check up in July( Gregorian calendar) next year, that's exaclty when Tai Sui hits me.I was thinking maybe telling her to go before that, so we can catch something in time, but then, dragon's worst health month seems to be October? I don't know what to do, is there anything I can do to prevent something bad from happening. I feel like I'm doomed. Also I was thinking of marrying my at the moment boyfriend, a 1990 Horse next year, and move to another city, what on earth am I going to do? If there is anything I can get or do to protect my family from a sad event occuring plese let me know, otherwise I might loose my mind soon. I know not everything can be prevented however maybe there is a reason why I found out about the bad predictions next year in advance. Thanks!

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Hi Oksana,

2018 is your zodiac year. You will clash with Tai Sui in 2018. Following are some cures for you to avoid Fan Tai Sui:
1. First and most importantly is to have a positive mindset and do not worry over nothing because law of attraction does work if you are always thinking of the negative stuff.

2. In folk China, the saying goes that a happy event can counteract three disasters. It is a simple and practical approach to weaken the bad luck brought by Tai Sui with happy events. You can choose to get married, start a business, have a baby or hold a birthday party in 2018 to change the poor luck and bad situation caused by clash Tai Sui.

3. In 2018, you may attend the joyous celebrations, such as wedding, to tub the positive energies and get rid of the depression caused by clash Tai Sui.

4. Do charity and do good.

5. Keep the directions of Northwest and Southeast clean and tidy in your house throughout the whole year. Do not place your bed head or office table at the two directions.

6. Pi Xiu is a mythical wild animal which can drive away the evil spirits. You can wear an accessory of Pi Xiu to resolve the adverse effect in the year of clashing Tai Sui.

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