do you have to consider lucky/unlucky numbers when choosing wedding dates?


We have chosen an auspicious wedding date, it is 11th of a month. Is 11 considered a lucky number in China? Do we have to take the numbers into consideration as well? I can't really find information online.

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11 is an auspicious number in China. In fact, you don't need to consider lucky number when choosing wedding date. Lucky numbers are usually used for selecting house number, telephone number, floor number, car number, etc.

When you choose the lucky wedding dates, you should choose according to Chinese Almanac Calendar. Choose one of the auspicious wedding date that doesn't clash your sign. Also, you couldn't choose the birthday of you or your parents to get married. Chinese lunar March, July and September should be avoided as there are Qing Ming Festival, Ghost Festival, and Spirit Festival in the above months separately. The 3rd, 7th, 13th, 18th, 22nd and 27th day of each month should also avoided.

You can tell me you two's date of birth and the month and day you prefer, I will check if it's auspicious to you.

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