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Good day, I have checked the dates for wedding end of 2019. I noticed something and I am confused. For example, on the 7th of December, 2019, marriage engagement is among the auspicious things to do. However, I can also see that wedding is among the inauspicious things to do. What does this mean? with marriage engagement being auspicious but a wedding is inauspicious.

Also, by marriage engagement, does it stand for being engaged or being married? an engagement is supposed to mean as it sound, just an engagement instead of actual marriage.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Hi Squall,

In China, there is usually marriage engagement before wedding ceremony. Marriage engagement is for the two families to meet and have a big lunch together to make sure the two could be get married. They usually discuss how to hold the wedding ceremony for the two. In China, the boy's family will give some amount of money to the girl as betrothal gifts.

Wedding is the formal marriage ceremony or the registration for the marriage.
Thank you Mary.

I thought Marriage Engagement stands for actually registering with the relevant department as husband and wife.

While wedding is the wedding dinner.

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