Clarification for Marriage proposal vs Marriage Engagement?


I'm looking for an auspicious date for proposal in June.

In a previous comment someone mentioned "engagement" is for the families in China to meet and discuss the wedding arrangements. Is this the case?

When choosing an auspicious proposal date as long as the sign doesn't clash with either individuals is it a good day?

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Hi Clifton,

Marriage proposal:Marriage proposal or Betrothal refers to the way for the boy to express his wish to marry the girl. In general, the boy should take some gifts to visit the girl's family to let her parents know his wish to marry her.

Marriage Engagement: The girl and her parents have been agreed the boy's marriage proposal and they sit together (usually inviting all the relatives of the two families) to discuss how to arrange the wedding ceremony for the two. In China, the boy's family should give some money to the girl as betrothal gifts. The sum usually differs from 10 thousand to 100 thousand.

Auspicious betrothal dates in June including:
June 2nd (clash Rooster), June 6th (clash Ox), June 9th (Clash Dragon), June 15th (clash Dog), June 19th (clash Tiger), June 21st (clash Dragon), June 22nd (clash Snake), June 25th (clash Monkey), June 30th (clash Ox)

As long as the day doesn't clash the two's zodiac especially the girl's sign, that's ok.
great thank you!
Also I'm slightly confused as another online site(dragon-gate) for the Chinese Almanac shows different info. For example June 1st they have auspicious day for marriage as compared to this site that doesn't have that?
Hi Clifton,

I'm not sure what kind of source do they use. What we are showing is the traditional Chinese Almanac. All Chinese people use the same one as what we shows online. In China, people usually use the printed calendar in family as it's easy to see everyday. We just translate the calendar from Chinese to other languages and put it online to let more people in the world to check.
okay thank you.

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