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Hello everyone, which Auspicious Day is the best for my marriage in Gregorian calendar May and June 2020?

Groom birthday : (Rabbit) 26th May 1987
Bride birthday : (Monkey) 30th December 1992

Please add any Chinese Zodiac predictions for that too if you can!

Thank you!

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Hi Brent Rogers,

Following are auspicious wedding dates for the two in May and June.
May 03, 2020 Sunday
May 07, 2020 Thursday
May 12, 2020 Tuesday
May 15, 2020 Friday
May 17, 2020 Sunday
May 19, 2020 Tuesday
May 21, 2020 Thursday
May 25, 2020 Monday
May 27, 2020 Wednesday
Jun 02, 2020 Tuesday
Jun 07, 2020 Sunday
Jun 09, 2020 Tuesday
Jun 10, 2020 Wednesday
Jun 15, 2020 Monday
Jun 18, 2020 Thursday
Jun 22, 2020 Monday
Jun 24, 2020 Wednesday
Jun 27, 2020 Saturday
Jun 30, 2020 Tuesday

They are a quarrelsome but loving couple that may irritate each other easily. It seems that they have seen each other through, but without appreciation. The male rabbit is intelligent, practical and with a pure and arrogant heart, while the female monkey is out-going and conceited, and likes to show off her ability. The male rabbit is often annoyed because of the female monkey's excessive self-esteem and aggressiveness, and the female monkey can't bear the rabbit's precaution. Just for your reference.

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