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Hi, I wanted to know will we get married or not? My dob 01/12/1989,time=18.57, place= west bengal and her dob is 12/04/1990,time=4am, place=west bengal

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Hi Srijan Chatterjee,

I couldn't tell you if you will get married to her or not. I could only help you check if you are compatible or not in love and marriage. Please let me know if your birthday is Jan. 12 or Dec. 1?
Dec 1st
You are not very compatible.

You come together on the spur of the moment. Your attitude towards life seems always counter-intuitive. Marriage can't bring you true happiness. You are clever and ambitious, but stubborn, jealous and suspicious. You pay much attention to long-term interest. She is resourceful and brave, but impetuous and changeable. She lays emphasis on current enjoyment.
Sorry, I dont understand, We are compatible or not? Is there any chances of getting together in future? How it will be if happened?
Will you please refer my question to Fay? It will gratefull to me.

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