By these month of January 2018 can I get a job from which I've applied?


Last 2017, its so hard for me to get a job. Is there a possibility at my age 39 is there any company interest me? I hope you can give suggestions on how I can easily get a job.

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Hi Jovel Ramping Delco,

Were you born in 1979?

What kind of job are you applying for?
hi, I was born on Dec.20, 1978 and I applied for warehouse supervisory but there's bothering in mind about warehouse manager. Does these job are for me?
Hi Jovel Ramping Delco,

You were born in the Horse year. You will be compatible with Tai Sui - the Grand Commander of 2018 and blessed by many auspicious stars, so you will have quite good luck for wealth and have benefactors throughout 2018. You will see significant rise of overall fortune and solve many difficult problems successfully. The fortune for your career in 2018 will be good. But you still need to take many efforts to seize the opportunity in work.

To be a warehouse supervisory is okay to you, but if you could work as a salesman, it will be more suitable to you.

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