Best weeding date in Sept, Oct, Nov or Dec 2018


Groom : 1988 dragon
Bride : Jan 1989 dragon.

Thank you.

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Hi Amy,

You can select one of the following auspicious dates for wedding in the months you like:

September: 1st Sat. (Clash Tiger), 5th (Clash Horse), 9th Sun. (Clash Dog), 10th (Clash Pig), 18th (Clash Sheep), 22nd Sat. (Clash Pig), 23rd (Clash Rat), 25th (Clash Tiger), 30th Sun. (Clash Sheep)

October: 3th (Clash Dog), 5th (Clash Rat), 7th Sun. (Clash Tiger), 8th (Clash Rabbit), 14th Sun. (Clash Rooster), 17th (Clash Rat), 19th (Clash Tiger), 28th Sun. (Clash Pig), 29th (Clash Rat), 31st (Clash Tiger)

November: 1st (Clash Rabbit), 7th (Clash Rooster), 8th (Clash Dog), 16th (Clash Horse), 20th (Clash Dog), 22nd (Clash Rat), 26th (Clash Dragon), 28th (Clash Horse)

December: 2nd Sun. (Clash Dog), 14th (Clash Dog), 15th Sat. (Clash Pig), 23rd Sun. (Clash Sheep), 27th (Clash Pig)

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