best day for moving a new house this month of january 2017


husband july02,1962
wife february 28,1966
son december 27,1988
son december 31,1993
son may 15 , 1996

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The Chinese Zodiac signs for your family members:
Husband July 02,1962: Tiger
Wife February 28,1966: Horse
Son December 27,1988: Dragon
Son December 31,1993: Rooster
Son May 15, 1996: Rat

Auspicious dates for moving into the new house in the rest of January 2017 include:
January 15th (Clash Monkey), 18th (Clash Pig), 27th (Clash Monkey), 31st (Clash Rat)

So, you can choose January 15th, January 18th or January 27th to move.
Mother 12/10/1973
Son 16/02/2001
Hi Patricia,

In which month do you plan to move into the new house?

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