Best date and time to move in to new house in june 2017.


What is my first to thing to do to enter to my new house thanks

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Hi Janseloisse,

Auspicious dates for moving into the new house in June include the 3rd (Clash Rabbit), 4th (Clash Dragon), 11th (Clash Pig), 13th (Clash Ox), 16th (Clash Dragon), 17th (Clash Snake), 22nd (Clash Dog), 23rd (Clash Pig), 26th (Clash Tiger) and 28th (Clash Dragon) days. Make sure the day you should doesn't clash the signs of the members who will live in the house.

After you select the date, I'll provide you the best time for the day.

In China, there is no special thing to do once enter to the new house. The host of the house should first enter and take things of value in order to be blessed with good luck in wealth after leaving in it. You can open the window after entering letting the foul air go out. It's good in Feng Shui.

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