Bagua area location or direction?


Hello, your site is becoming more beautiful and comprehensive. I love to visit it almost daily.

My question: in traditional feng shui, what is the difference between a "facing direction" and a "Bagua area" of rooms within the home? For example, if a room is LOCATED in South Bagua, but the entrance to the room FACES North, which cure may I apply - South or North cure?

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The entrance to the room FACES North means your front door faces north. It's not good in Feng Shui. North is the headstream of cold air. If the front door faces north, your relationship with the people live in it will be estranged.

"Bagua area" of rooms within the home has eight directions. They have different meanings and stands for different Feng Shui. Such as the southwest direction, it stands for mother or the wife in the family. If this place of your home has stair or not square, the health condition for the mother or the wife will be bad.

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