Auspicious day to buy car in August 2017


Hi administrator,

May I check which is auspicious day to buy car for my zodiac sign esp 7th month is coming... many thanks!

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Hi Goh,

Following are auspicious dates for buying a car in August, 2017:
Nov.2, Zodiac:[Clash Rabbit], Direction:[Evil East]
Nov.8, Zodiac:[Clash Rooster], Direction:[Evil West]
Nov.9, Zodiac:[Clash Dog], Direction:[Evil South]
Nov.10, Zodiac:[Clash Pig], Direction:[Evil East]
Nov.21, Zodiac:[Clash Dog], Direction:[Evil South]

Direction:[Evil South] means you should avoid buying the car in the South direction. Zodiac:[Clash Dog] means if you are under the Dog sign, that's not a good day for you.
Thanks Maria for responding..
However, I requested for August 2017 and not Nov 2017...

Could you help to check again? Million thanks...
Sorry, I wrote the wrong month, the date is right:

August 2, Zodiac:[Clash Rabbit], Direction:[Evil East]
August 8, Zodiac:[Clash Rooster], Direction:[Evil West]
August 9, Zodiac:[Clash Dog], Direction:[Evil South]
August 10, Zodiac:[Clash Pig], Direction:[Evil East]
August 21, Zodiac:[Clash Dog], Direction:[Evil South]

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