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I will be getting marry on 2 January 2017 but some people said cant because will clash with my birthday month. My birthday is on 26 January 1985. Is it will be matter? Please advise. Thanks.

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Hi Lim,

I never heard birthday month should be avoided for wedding.

Your Chinese zodiac sign is Rat. For the rat people, the most auspicious wedding month is Chinese lunar June and the next is January.

In Gregorian calendar, June in 2017 starts from July 23 to August 21. January is from January 28th - February 25th. I suggest you to choose auspicious dates in this two months.
Thanks Alice for your advise. But if I held the wedding in blind year it is really not good? My future parents in law have chose the date either 6 January 2017 or 15 January 2016 and they don't want to held on CNY. If the date not good, what should i do to avoid the inauspicious things happen on me?
6 January 2017 and 15 January 2017 are both auspicious dates for wedding. There will be no problem if you choose one of the date to get married. Don't worry.

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