Auspicious Date for Wedding/Marriage in 2021 July or Aug


Due to Covid this year, i have to delay my wedding date to 2021. Want to know a Auspicious wedding date for July or Aug 2021 (Gregorian date)
Female Born: Nov 19-77 (Gregorian date)
Male Born: Nov 15-78 (Gregorian date) Male is non-asian.

Thank you

1 Answer(s)

Following are suggested auspicious wedding dates for you in July and Aug, 2021:
Jul.08, Jul.09, Jul.13, Jul.16, Jul.25, Jul.28, Jul.31, Aug.01, Aug.02, Aug.06, Aug.09, Aug.10, Aug.12,Aug.14, Aug.16, Aug.21, Aug.22, Aug.23, Aug.24, Aug.26, Aug.28, 2021

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