No any perfect match


Bro whoever had predicted the fire ox zodic perfect match to water rat zodic
It's totally unbelievable unmatch couple because 1997 not can't marry 1972 girl she became 44 yrs old then 1997 boy
If it happened then old peole can tolerate new young people
So you thought it is perfect
Correct it and give more detail about fire ox zodic

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I think Fire and water is not compatible as water controls fire. But at the same time Fire can dry out the water. So, maybe this is the reason why water rat can be a good match with fire ox.

Fire Rat which is born between Feb. 19, 1996 and Feb. 6, 1997 , and the Earth Snake born between Feb. 6, 1989 and Jan. 26, 1990 could be your best match as well.

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