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I have mole in my ear pinna,in the shoulder and in the left hand of my wrist what it indicates about my future

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Hi Abhishek sen,

There is usually a corresponding relationship for the moles in body. It's said if a person has a mole in ear, there will be a mole in his shower and hand wrist. It's very correct to you.

The round and raised moles with good brightness in pure red or dark black are auspicious. The gray, brown, yellowish moles or those with mixed colors are usually inauspicious. It’s good for the red moles exposed while the black ones hidden in the body. I'm not sure what's the color of your moles.

A mole on ear is a sign of good fortune! As you have a mole in ear pinna, it shows you are talented, quick-witted, understanding and blessed with good luck. However, it the mole is in bad type, it will suggest the strong self-awareness and bad luck caused by the wayward personality.

The mole in shower shows you usually are in charge of heavy work or have a great responsibility for work. So, you are always busy in life. If the mole is in the red color, it's good. It shows you could get help from others and you are easy to get success. If it's dark, it indicates your communicative competence is not so good and it's hard to get success.

A mole on wrist suggests the hard life of making a living for the family. The mole in bright color is live while the mole in dim color is dead. The live mole suggests ingenuity while the dead implies hard work. Generally speaking, the live mole on left wrist benefits career. If it's on inner wrist, it belongs to those who are wise, thoughtful and bold enough to face and solve difficulties.

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