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I met a guy for the first time but I feel I know him for a long time ago.The feelings is mutual.We have the same chemistry in many aspects,we respect our differences and opinions,same interest, same hobbies and strong attraction .We're not afraid talking complicated things.Did I found my true soulmate or my partner in life? My dob is 29th of april 71 and his dob is 2nd of january 73.

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Are pig and ox compatible which lead to marriage?
Hi Glo,

I think he is your soulmate. His is Water Rat and you are Metal Pig. No matter in Chinese Zodiac compatibility or element relationship. You are all a good match.

Off of Metal runs the Water, so you enhance each other in life. In terms of Chinese zodiac, you are a couple that can share each other's pleasure, anger, sorrow and joy:
Sorry he is not an ox but a rat anyway I am very very satisfied to your answer .

2 thumbs up for all the astrologers here. I love this site .Genuine predictions and guidance. 4-29-71

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