24 Jan 2021 for Wedding


Hi! May I know why is 24 Jan 2021 inauspicious for wedding? I saw on a few almanac calendars that it is auspicious.

Thank you!

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Hi Mich,

It has a very complicated way to calculate. Really hard to explain.
Hi Lea,

Could you advise advise auspicious wedding dates (Sat and Sun) for Dec to Apr 2021?

Groom: Horse
Bride: Horse
Hi Mich,

Following are auspicious wedding dates (Sat and Sun)for Dec 2020 to Apr 2021:
Dec 05, 2020 Saturday Clash Rat
Dec 12, 2020 Saturday Clash Sheep
Jan.17, 2021 Sunday Clash Sheep
Jan.30, 2021 Saturday Clash Monkey
Mar.07, 2021 Sunday Clash Monkey
Mar.14, 2021 Sunday Clash Rabbit
Mar.20, 2021 Saturday Clash Rooster
Mar.28, 2021 Sunday Clash Snake
Apr.11, 2021 Sunday Clash Sheep
Apr.24, 2021 Saturday Clash Monkey

If the date clashed with your sign, don't choose it.

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