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I am trying to have a girl I am very desperate since I am turning 38 on feb 1 of this year. I tried to read the calander but it gives me different dates of my luner age and when I try to figure out by plugging days I ovulate it does not work can you help me please. My birthdate is 2/1/1983 I would like t try to have a girl this year. Can you tell me which months I have to conceive I order to have a girl.

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According to the Ancient Chinese Gender Chart, if you are conceived in one of the following time periods in 2021, you will get a baby girl:
Jan 01 - Jan 12 (39 lunar years old, the 11th lunar month)
Jan 13 - Feb 11 (39 lunar years old, the 12th lunar month)
Feb 12 - Mar 12 (40 lunar years old, the 1st lunar month)
Apr 12 - May 11 (40 lunar years old, the 3rd lunar month)
Jun 10 - Jul 09 (40 lunar years old, the 5th lunar month)
Sep 07 - Oct 05 (40 lunar years old, the 8th lunar month)
Nov 05 - Dec 03 (40 lunar years old, the 10th lunar month)
I don’t understand. Is that all 2021? Ans do I have to have my period in those days and then have sex in order to have a girl? Or do I have to conceive the baby on those days in order for me to have a girl 👧
I was given this to conceive a girl. My question is do I have to have my period in then those dates. Should those dates be the last time I got my period after I get pregnant? Or those dates te time I should get pregnant. Also lunes year says 40 my birthday is 2/1/83 next month I will turn 38 does the 40 lunar year mean I have to wait next year? Or this days are all for this year
Your conception date should occure during one of the following periods in order to conceive a girl. You don't need to wait to the next year. The provided dates are all for 2021.

Jan 01 - Jan 12
Jan 13 - Feb 11
Feb 12 - Mar 12
Apr 12 - May 11
Jun 10 - Jul 09
Sep 07 - Oct 05
Nov 05 - Dec 03

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