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We have 2 boys and we would like to conceive a girl, since this is my last time. I would love to give my mother in law a girl since she had only boys. Plus my husband and I really want a girl. Please help.

birthday 09/15/1979

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Hi Elizbeth,

There are some ways to help raise the chances of getting baby girl.

1. Research suggests that diet can influence the gender of baby. In daily life, you are suggested to eat more acidic foods before getting pregnant for baby girl.

2. Use the ancient Chinese Baby Gender Chart to get when to conceive for baby girl. I check it for you and found if you are conceived (the first day of last period occurs) during the following periods, you will get a baby girl:
Apr 7 - May 06 (38 lunar years old, 3rd lunar month)
Jul 4 - Aug 02 (38 lunar years old, 6th lunar month)
Sep 1 - Sep 30 (38 lunar years old, 8th lunar month)
Oct 31 - Nov 28 (38 lunar years old, 10th lunar month)
Dec 29 - Dec 31 (38 lunar years old, 12th lunar month)

3. Monitor your ovulation period and try to do 3 days before ovulation in order to increase the odds of conceiving a girl.

Hope it helps.
The thing is I am not 37 years old. I will be in September. Right now I'm 36 years old. I was planning on conceiving before I turn 37 years old
The Chinese baby gender chart uses your Chinese lunar age to calculate your conceiving time for preferred baby gender. The age is usually one or two age older than your actual age.

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