Plz help i really want a girl


I want to know when are the best chances for a girl at my age and how can i achieve for my perfect dream baby girl? I already have a son nd i only plan to have a another baby this year but this time i want it to be a girl in order to complete my little family. And when your trying for girl aren't they supposed to have sex 3 or 4 days before ovulation ? Which supposedly i ovualate on 24 on this month and i tried the other 5 different Gender perdiction calendars and all of them say that im more likely to have a girl at my age witch its so comfusing cause yours says totally different. I really need help and tips ?  My birthday is 4/24/95 and my husband 1/6/98.

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Hi Maya,

When was your last period date?

In fact, no one could give you exact and accurate answer about when are the best time for you to conceive baby girl except you seek help from doctor.

It's said intercourse two days before the ovulation could increase the chance to have baby girl.
My period was 2/10/17 and i just finish my period yesterday and im a normal 28 cycle... And i just want to know when is the right time for me to try for a girl ?
Hi Maya,

Chinese Baby Gender Chart shows if your last period first date is during one of the following periods in 2017, you have more chances to conceive baby girl:
March 28 - April 25
June 24 - August 6
September 20 - October 19

So, if you follow this one, you need to wait your period during March 28 - April 25 and try after that period.

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