Wood snake 1965-water snake1953


Snake/snake relationship?

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Hi Marina,

Snake and Snake is not the best match but could be compatible with each other. You usually have a tacit understanding of each other. Due to common ideals and concepts, you could come together and cooperate wholeheartedly. Both of you are good at independent thinking and analysis, so you won't depend too much upon each other. Thus, you can respect your partner's privacy.

'Water makes Wood grow' and they are in a generating cycle. So, the water snake 1953 could be a great helper to the Wood snake 1965 in many aspects. For your reference only.
I'm a snake wood with lovers Aries goat.we have a relation start January 2017.if we have future happiness or lasting relation I'm married but complicated he have other woman for 10 years together and I ask him to divorce me long time ago.No action his a Virgo with 1963 born.
Hi susana,

Do you still love him? If you don't have love with him, try ways to divorce him. If he could seperate with the other woman and come back to you, you'd better forgive him and give him a chance.

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