why is the year of the Monkey not lucky for the Monkey


I am married to a Sake and have been married for 27 years but it's become difficult to deal with him because of his controlling ways.what can I do to make it better for me.He is born Oct 25,1965 I am born Jan 31,1968.what can I do to make this year smother for us as Monkey/ Red Sheep. What can I do to attract good luck to our business and home.

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In Chinese culture, people in his/her zodiac year encounters Taisui who is the legendary God in charge of people's fortune. During the year, you are easy to invite troubles, lost money, get illness or meet many changes and difficulties in career and love. As 2016 is year of the Monkey, your Chinese zodiac sign is also Monkey, so you meet your zodiac year in 2016.

While, it's not right to everyone. All things are decided by your attitude and think. As long as you keep a positive attitude upon everything, things will become better in 2016.

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