Why do monkeys do such bad things?


Correct me because I have trouble understanding monkeys. From my experience, I've noticed:
1) they have no loyalty to anyone except themselves maybe their spouse and/child.
2) They tend to play people against each other for their own benefit.
3) They're so concerned with other people's opinion of them, that they would throw family
members under the bus if it helped others view them in a good light.
4) If it was beneficial, they would take whatever they could from you/ disrespect the ship out of you.
5) They have a major fear of abandonment/loneliness, that they would do whatever they could
including lying and deceiving to avoid it or get you back. (Possibly including tolerating disrespect).
6) However, they genuinely feel bad when they hurt those closest to them.
7) The things they do are not intended to do damage (due to selfishness).

Question: Best way to put up boundaries with them?

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Hi Astrofan,

It depends. Monkey people born in different hours also have different personalities. For example, Monkey people born in the evening are generally honest and loyal to friends.

What you said about them are generally ture but your zodiac sign also plays certain role in your feelings. In Chinese Zodiac, the animal signs have compatible and incompatible relationship. You can read https://www.yourchineseastrology.com/zodiac/compatibility/ for more information.

If you don't like to have any contact with Monkey people, just keep a certain distance with them.
Thanks for the reply!
Maybe you could elaborate on some things for me? Like what makes them do bad things and toy with others? Is it purely due to selfishness? Also do they know what they've done after they've done a bad deed? Do they genuinely feel bad when caught? Also, I heard they're so afraid of abandonment that when it occurs, they nearly go crazy.
Last thing, I heard that the best way to put boundaries is to be extremely harsh?
Sorry, I have family members that I'm just now learning a lot about lol.
One's character is closely related with the parenting and family enviroment. Teenagers do bad things and toy with others in adolescent rebellion period. I guess it is not purely due to selfishness. Everyone will feel genuinely bad when caught they've done a bad deed. To be extremely harsh will not work but make it even worse. Perhaps you need to try to understand and respect them.
(Apologies for my bad manner. But I really have to get this off my chest.)

Let me put it this way, so you can understand this stupidly simple question............

You're more than one zodiac sign!!!!

Shocker, ain't it? (Btw, I was being sarcastic)

Like what Maria said, your yearly sign isn't the only thing that affects your personality. You also have things like your hourly and monthly signs that affect your personality too.

Take me for an example. I was born in the year of the monkey. So that means I'm a loud, overbearing, brash, selfish, arrogant, cunning, annoying idiot who just wants to party all night right? NO.. If anything, I'm quite the opposite. Why? Well, because my MONTHLY sign was a Goat and my HOURLY sign is a Snake. Which are signs that have been known to be quiet, calm, and introverted. Especially the goat.

So next time when you see a monkey person enter your life, don't just instantly shove them away. Try looking at their monthly and hourly signs just to know them better, not just their yearly signs.

That's not even scratching the surface if it. Like what Maria said again, try looking into their inner life. Their lifestyles, how their parents take care of them, etc.

Just quit taking everything at face value and understand them more. You're just gonna make things worse if you put up boundaries and isolate yourself.

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