Dreaming about twin boys and two monkeys


I always dream about twin girls but this time around I saw my self dreaming of two twin boys which I knew from high school then I saw two monkeys...I saw my self in a very unpleasant area of the city rather where poor people live...as I was looking across the balcony I saw these twins saying oh I live here too?I was contemplating to answer them when I saw the two monkeys in the balcony looking at me....then I saw my self mistakingly called my husband who we have not been in talking times for long and in dispute...I heard him crying saying ever since I left I have not called him then he hanged up....then I woke up I was so happy it was a dream and I didn't call him

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So u and your husband did not have kids yet ... ??? Are u still married ???

While some dreams are prophetic... most are just wish fulfillments or allegory to your feelings at the moment ... Your dream seems to be telling u to return to your hubby so u can have children in a safe more middle class suburb type environment ... instead of the bad neighborhood u might be in if u try to go it alone ... Are u or your hubby a Gemini ... ??? Twins is the sign of Gemini or it coo means two choices between lovers and siblings ... The two monkeys coo symbolize two souls coming into your life last year of 2016 the year of Fire Red Monkey or still waiting to incarnate as your future twin sons or daughters or one of each if u return to your husband who still loved u...What were the issues which caused the separation ....???
We have a daughter she was born may 21th...I am a Leo August 15th and my husband can't actually remember when he was born but he thinks he was born February 14th he is from a poor family while I am from a rich family my dad is popular politics we have not been getting along for long this particular one was so serious he came into my room one day shouting at his voice asking me who took an extra micro wave in the store room which I said me he asked why?I said to him it's mine so I don't have to give him asking reason he kept shouting saying I shouldn't take anything that is mine out of his house ever again without his permission...I asked really? Then I lifted a lotion from the dressing mirror he got angry and threw everything on the fall even the electronics on the floor and took my daughter from me and threw me out of the house I ran to the neighbours to come see the damage we were to explain to the neighbour when it was my turn to talk he said I shouldn't talk which I said I would he then asked me to leave his house then I called my brother to come pick me when we were about to leave he came and was fighting with my brother to collect my baby during that process he insulted my dad said a lot of awful things so I packed my things and left the house my parents ask him to come take me back home but he hasn't showed up and I have made up my mind if he doesn't come pick me I will not go back and I will move on with my life....Thank you

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