Which sleeping direction is best for me for 2017?


Hi! I'm Konstantina(18/2/81D.O.B.) I'm sleeping in West direction and I've read that it's not good for 2017 so the only direction my bed fits is North but its not my good direction! What should I do? Remain in West or change it? Also my bathroom is on West too and It's the only one in my appartement. Any advices for sleeping direction and for the bathroom too for better love life would be very HELPFULL! Thank you in advance

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Hi Konstantina,

Your Feng Shui Kua number is 5. So, the lucky directions for you include: Northeast, Southwest, Northwest and West.

Southeast, South , North and East are your unlucky directions.

You don't need to change your sleeping direction and there is no problem for your bathroom on the west direction.

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