What will happen to me in year of the rooster


Wanted to know about general health and wealth

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Please tell me your DOB.
Yeah.. About health and wealth october 22,1988 thank
You are earth Dragon.

You will have overall good luck in wealth which will generally keep rising due to the blessing of two auspicious stars in 2017. Of course, the main source of wealth will be your work and you will hardly have windfalls. Therefore, you'd better not involve in the high-risk speculation and you may choose the risk-minimizing project if you do want to invest. If you manage a business yourself, you will have a favorable turn, prosperous business and abundant profit but you should not expand the business blindly so as to avoid losing control. You are suggested to play for safety and maintain the original business.

In terms of health, you will not be trapped in health problems and you can ensure the long-term health as long as you pay attention to exercise and reduce social intercourses, smoking and drinking. Even if you have minor illness in 2017, you will have not need to worry about it since it can be cured once you go to a doctor in time.

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