What does it mean when I dream of mice?


I had a dream yesterday night. In the dream, my friend helped me to catch a mice in my home. What does it mean? Is it good or bad?

2 Answer(s)

Catching a mice in a dream predict that you may make a dishonest friend.
A mouse in a dream may symbolize that you will have so many enemies.
Catching a mice in a dream predict you will have an untrustworthy friend.
For the married women, holding a mouse in your hand in a dream means you will have baby.
A cat catches mice in a dream is an auspicious forecast.
A dead mouse in a dream predicts you might get lucky.
Mice making a hole in your room mean your family will be stolen.
For a man, a mouse bite you in the dream predict you can avoid the evils.
For a doctor, a mouse in the dream means that your house may suffer infectious disease.

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