Wedding in 2021/2022


Hello, what are the auspicious dates for our wedding (falls on the Saturday) for 2021 (Oct onwards) and 2022 (whole year). Any very auspicious dates because we are both born on the year of the dog?

Groom: Dog (born on 27th Oct 1994)
Bride: Dog (born on 25th Sept 1994)

Thank you in advance!

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Following are auspicious dates for you that falls on the Saturday of 2021 (Oct onwards) and 2022 (whole year):

Oct.09, Nov.20, Dec.18 of 2021
Jan.29, Feb.19, Mar.19, Apr.23, May.07, Jun.04, Jul.30, Aug.06, Oct.08, Nov.19 and Dec.03 of 2022

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