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Good Day,

I wanna ask something regarding the Auspicious and Inauspicious.

We already have a date and time for the wedding. Its Oct 29, 2016, 3:00PM or 3:30PM, but I saw that the time is not in Auspicious, is this consider inauspicious and should avoid it? If yes, is it possible to counter it? Thanks

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Yes, 3:00PM or 3:30PM is in the inauspicious periods for wedding. If you believe the culture, you'd better change a date or change the time to hold the wedding ceremony.
Hi Morizuki,

Don't worry. As long as the date is auspicious to you, you can neglect the bad effect of the inauspicious hour. The date you choose is very good. If the date you choose is inauspicious, you must choose an auspicious hour to do so.

If you want to counter it, the wedding should be held in a simple way instead of being extravagant.
Hi, so which one should I believe? The first one or the second one? cause I really believe in Auspicious and Inauspicious. I can't no more changed the Time and Date as this is the final and already gave their downpayment
Dear morizuki ,

The day is good. Time has few effect for your wedding. I think if the day is auspicious to you, that's Ok. In China, most of us check the day and neglect the definite time.
Oh.. Thanks for that Ms. @Lisa Chang

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