Wedding date selection for dragon


In order to avoid the year of the pig - we will marry this fall 2018.

The venue is available only on days that are not listed as auspicious.

My partners birthday is 11.11, we would like as much time as possible to plan. It says 11.10 is inauspicious for a wedding. Do you suggest we legally marry before and just name it a wedding celebration? Does it matter if we were engaged to be married on one of the most auspicious days for the dragon in 2017? is there a way to off set our luck if we choose one of these dates?


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Hi lauren steinke,

It's okay to get married on one of the most auspicious days in 2017.

In China, a wedding celebration also needed to be selected an auspicious date for wedding. Where will you get married? The date is based on Beijing Time (GMT +8). If you are in US. 10.13 will be 10.14 and 10.27 will be 10.28 in China. Both 10.14 and 10.28 in China are auspicious wedding dates.

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