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Hi my name is Jayson I was born on Sept. 22, 1986 and Fiance's Birthday is on January 05, 1986. We are planning to get married on May 02, 2018. The date we choose is not on auspicious days, do we have to choose another day? Can you suggest a date? another question is, what if we want to stick on May 02, 2018(This will be our 10 years anniversary as couple) is there anything we have to do to solve the conflicting problem? Thank you

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Hi Jayson,

May 02, 2018 is an inauspicious day for you to get married. If you insist on choose the date to get married, you may have problems during the marriage or after the marriage. There may also nothing bad happen to you. There is no good way to solve the conflicting problem. If you could choose an auspicious day for your wedding, it will be good for your marriage.

I'm not sure in which month do you plan to get married or do you have other require about the date such as during weekend. I'll provide you the dates auspicious for you.

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