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Can you help us find a great wedding date for my sister in Jan-March 2021. We live in California so do we have to shift the dates by one day?

She is Sheep and he is ox. It will probably be ox year by then. His birthday is 9/29/85, hers is 2/24/91. I've tried to compare 3 sources but confused. I think many dates clash with sheep.

I saw this online but I don't know what it means:
"The following should be considered:
The wedding year and date shall not conflict with the Marriage Palace of both sides;
The wedding date shall not clash the eight characters of both sides' horoscope;
In the case of meeting the above conditions, the wedding date shall fall upon a day with Yue De or Tian De as far as possible;
If the eight characters of the bride and the bridegroom clash with each other, a date which can contain or control the evil spirits shall be selected as far as possible, so as to dissolve the conflict."

Thank you so much in advance! Happy new year!


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Hi Jen,

China is 16 hours ahead of California. You need to convert the time.

Following are auspicious wedding dates for them in 2021 based on Beijing Time:
Jan.01 Friday
Jan.06 Wednesday
Jan.08 Friday
Jan.14 Thursday
Jan.15 Friday
Jan.17 Sunday
Jan.22 Friday
Jan.27 Wednesday
Jan.28 Thursday
Jan.30 Saturday
Feb.05 Friday
Feb.08 Monday
Feb.11 Thursday
Feb.12 Friday
Feb.17 Wednesday
Feb.23 Tuesday
Feb.26 Friday
Mar.01 Monday
Mar.04 Thursday
Mar.07 Sunday
Mar.08 Monday
Mar.09 Tuesday
Mar.14 Sunday
Mar.19 Friday
Mar.20 Saturday
Mar.23 Tuesday
Mar.25 Thursday
Mar.28 Sunday
Mar.31 Wednesday

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