we are dogs the element water in 1983

Asked by k***m | 2/29/2016 2:23:39 AM

we want to get chicken baby in 2017 fit or effect with us?

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M*** 2/29/2016 7:29:56 AM

Hi kimkim,

In Chinese culture, dog and chicken is not compatible. In addition, 2017 is year of the Fire Chicken. Water and Fire is not compatible in Chinese Five Elements. It's not suggested to have a chicken baby in 2017. If you get pregnant in 2017 and deliver in 2018 year of the dog, it's good.

k***m 2/29/2016 8:39:06 AM

thank for ur answer

k***m 3/1/2016 4:59:14 AM

which one baby is better with us? monkey 2016 and dog 2018?

M*** 3/1/2016 8:48:26 AM

Hi kimkim,

Monkey 2016 and dog 2018 are both OK. Dog is best.

Year of the Monkey (lasts from 02/08/2016 to 01/27/2017)
Year of the Dog (lasts from 02/16/2018 to 02/04/2019)

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