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Good evening.
I want to ask about my hand lines.
Marriage lines.
I have 3 li es 1st is ok and 2nd is ok but not much clear on hand but i can see. The third one is line like, one line and little up having one more line attach line bit and little up to this line have one more line.. Which is attach very bit. To third line.. I am confused. I have thousands of thousands of lines tiny tiny lines on my hands. It's the sign about difficult life?
Can i show you my marriage lines?
I am married. Since 2015 /25 dec.

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Hi Guriya,

Are the three marriage lines all straight?

People of thousands of thousands of lines and tiny tiny lines on hands are mostly easy to be worried such as worry about money, children or life. If you could foster an interest and participate in more social activities and get married late, that's good for you.

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