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DoB- 29/11/1966
I m so very unhappy in my family life. What lies for me in future? Will I divorce my husband and get married again? If I do, will I have happiness?

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Hi prim rizvi,

You can check your palm to see if you will have the second marriage in life:
I have two parallel lunes of marriage at my right hand. 1.The upper one is more strong and almost touches the heart line being very light in depth.
2. The lower one is very thin and light but touches the heart line.
I don't know what is the meaning. But I had an early marriage and divorce after six months before this marriage.
Now plz tell me the prediction.
Hi prim rizvi,

For marriage line curve downwards and almost touch or touch the heart line indicates you may divorce at least one time in life. You marriage life is not harmonious and happy.

The best way to solve this is to change your characters and bad habits. More communication, more care, more understanding and more tolerance are greatly needed in marriage life. If you couldn't do that, you are unlikely to be happy again.
But I m highly dissaisfied with my present husband. He is careless abt me n family. Also has all sorts of bad habits including serious womanizing. What is the prediction about this present marriage, plz?
Hi prim rizvi,

I'm sorry to hear that. From your marriage lines, your marriage life is not smooth during the whole life. You may divorce with your present husband in the future because it's hard for him to change himself. Don't be upset, you still have chance to meet a good man in the future.

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