My life in 2017, about job and family


I would like to know if there are some chances for me to go overseas or will i get promoted and how about my family? What kind of life we will be facing in year 2017

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Please let me know your DOB.
Hi Dories,

Your Chinese zodiac sign is Ox. 2017 is a very good year for the Ox born in 1986.

Your stable working attitude and personality and excellent toughness will make you complete the work no matter how difficult it is. What's more, you will have excellent career development prospects in 2017 and you will have a good harvest as long as you can maintain the good work habits. There will be few chances for you to go overseas and you have more chances to get promoted.

Most of you Oxen born in 1985 have married and settled down and you are in the marriage development stage, so the honeymoon period have passed and you begin to have trivial matters and troubles in life which will easily affect your relationship with your lover, especially those without the solid affection base will easily have a marriage crisis. If you want to keep marriage stable, you need to start from your own and communicate more with your lover.

Generally speaking, you will be in good mood and have a good luck in health in 2017.

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