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Hiii I love someone who s married and this happened in April...he's my boss n its both way...nw in July things getting worst as his wife knew abt our relationship he's a very kind person n can't leave his wife...bcuz of this we did commitment initially tht we won't get married bt keep relationship as ths s not in our hand....nw i don't knw wht to do as I can't leave him...he's Sagittarius n I'm cancer age difference is 30 years, his wife is Taurus us will this matter resolved?

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Hi simran,

This is not related to your zodiac signs.

Do you still work in his company? If so, sooner or later, his wife will go to the company to find you. The attitude of your boss towards your relationship is very important. As he doesn't want to get married with you but only want to keep relationship, it shows he doesn't like you. He only want to satisfy himself. You are not the true love. I have seen many situations like this. Many bosses try to find a younger girl for fun and don't aim to get married. For him, the wife is the person who have tried effort with him in his young time and help him a lot for his career. If they have children, the man will of course not leave his family.

The last result is usually bad for you and you will be the victim in this relationship. You are still young. I suggest you end your relationship as soon as possible and try to leave the city you live. Try to find your true love and start a new life.
Yes I'm still in the same company tht he will not get married this I knw initially bcuz he has a daughters n grand daughters too ....our relationship was based on this thing that we won't get married. ....I'm very mch unlucky abt my love life..we hve already came up with the conclusion tht I'm office will act normally n communicate but after that we don't knw each other. ....kindly let me knw abt my love n marriage life as I'm very dishearted n feeling tht marriage is not in my life me according to my zodiac my bday is 8 july 1984

Only according to your zodiac, I couldn't check your accurate love or marriage life. Your birth time and birth place are also needed.

You can check how is your love or marriage life like by checking your heart line and marriage line on your palm.
Thank you so much

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