Stranger and my mother got pregnant


Hi. Just want to know about the meaning of my dream last night. I dreamed that my mother got pregnant and the priest touch the tummy of my mother like he was giving a prayer or more like a blessing and my mother looked at me as if she's hurting more or like she's going to give a birth.
And another is, I always dreamed a stranger guy. He always shows his love to me. I always met that guy in the church.
I am hoping for a reply and interpretation about this dreams of mine. Thanks a lot.

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Hi mar caj,

Dream of mother got pregnant is good which indicates your family life is harmonious and you could live a happy life. But you should avoid stay up late which will be harm to your health.

The guy shows his love to you means in waking life some of your behaviors may make others dislike. You need to check your deeds recently and see if you did something wrong recently.

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