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I need to install new gas stove, but according to the "Auspicious" and "Inauspicious" date, there are 8 days inauspicious and only two days are auspicious. Can I pick one day neither "Auspicious" and "Inauspicious" to install the stove?

I am a rabbit, it was recommended to me not to touch "foundation of the home" this year, such as foundation work, changing flooring. But the carpet in my rental property was totally destroyed, it need to be replaced before new tenant move in. Is rental property "foundation of the home"?


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Hi Mika Yanoson,

Yes, you can pick one day that neither "Auspicious" and "Inauspicious" to install the stove. But the day you choose should not clash with your zodiac sign.

Rental property doesn't belong to "foundation of the home". Also, the carpet doesn't belong to the foundation of the home. It refers to the home you live now. Don't worry about it. Just change it. Or it's hard to rent it to others.

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