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I am a renter trying to decide between two apartments, A or B... Both are 2-story loft apartments from the mid-1980s. I've tried to understand the info you have provided but am not sure which unit has "better" feng shui.

=> A has all wood floors, 500 sq ft with it's own entrance (townhouse style). There is a wooden staircase with 13 steps and back risers that shares a landing with the front door (which is perpendicular to staircase). The staircase is on the SE side wall away from the center. It ends on 2nd floor landing leading right into the tiny bedroom space (only a full bed fits).

=> B has linoleum fake wood flooring, 700 sq ft. and is located on the top floor of an apartment building with 50 units. There is a spiral staircase situated off center (not quite in the middle of the apartment), on the north side ending away from the front door. It is black metal with carpeted risers that are open in the back. The staircase ends on the 2nd floor into a little space that curves into the bedroom area. The apartment is sunnier than A with an extra room.

Your thoughts as to which has better feng shui?
Thank you kindly in advance

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Both of them has advantages and disadvantages. B is much better compared with A. But you should make sure that the staircased should not be in the middle place, or it will be very bad in Feng Shui. Also, the staircase should not face the entrance as well.

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