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I have a spiral staircase on the outside of my home. It is on the north side of the house and is made of metal. It goes from the ground to the deck about 8 feet above. It is painted white. How can I correct the bad aspects of this ?

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Could you let me know your DOB and exact birth time? I need to check if this staircase is auspicious to you based on your element.
April 6, 1934. 4:30am Montreal Canada
Your favorable elements are Fire and Wood. Metal and Water should be avoided.

Colors Metal represent include: White, Apricot, Golden
Colors Water represent include:: Black, Blue
Colors Wood represent include: Cyan, Green
Colors Fire represent include: Red, Purple

So, you should avoid White as your staircase color and there is also problem to use metal-made staircase. It's location is ok.
Actually the staircase is white and made of metal. I suppose I could paint it. I have set it up so there are 13 steps. There already is a tree on one side of it and I have planted another on the other side. I also have put a small mirror pointing upward at the base and hung a wind chime about midway.
Are these good solutions?
I'm not sure whay you plant another tree on the other side and put mirror and hung wind chime?

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