Someone telling me I'm going to die soon, languages I don't speak


I come from country in south-eastern europe, so my mother tongue is south Slavic.
I have never heard anyone speaking Zulu or old Egyptian or even seen words of those languages written somewhere nor I have recently read anything related to those languages/cultures. Although I'm fluent in English and often dream in English, so there's nothing strange about it. Also, I speak little of the scandinavian languages and Japanese and understand some Italian because of Latin which I learned in high school.

But few hours ago I had a very strange dream in which I understood boy in his late teens speaking in old Egyptian at the parking (after I found two dead dogs which I bought as christmas present for my parents; they were very stiff and somehow slimey) and older black woman was telling me something in Zulu and after three sentences i somehow intuitively understood what she was saying and replied with '(a)zasha'. So as I woke up, I went to google translate and put that in so I found out it was Zulu and it means 'burn up' or 'are burning'. The same happend with old Egyptian, remembered some words which he was saying as 'sheut', 'ushabtiu' and later discovered it's Egyptian.

It was also really scary because they looked like they are possessed when they were speaking. And that women, before she started to speak in Zulu she had gazed deeply into my eyes and told me: 'You are going to die soon. I see it in your eyes' and I smiled with some kind of longing and said 'I know. I have always somehow knew it.'. I have bright grey eyes and in my dream they looked more watery and pupil was constricted, so there was almost nothing black. They looked the same when I saw myself in the mirror when I woke up.

So. This dream really creeped me out, especially understanding and speaking those languages and I'm trying to find some sort of explanation. I'm in early twenties and currently have intense and sterssful period in my life and dreams like this aren't helping.

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Don't worry. This is an auspicious dream which means your wish can be fulfilled steadily with your effort. In love, you are expected to meet one which will be your future partner if you are single now. If you are in a love relationship, your relationship will be good.

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