Should I give up my marriage

Asked by C***e | 4/1/2016 10:06:26 PM

My birthdate : 21 June 1975 (female)
His birthdate : 07 October 1972 (male)

Should I leave my marriage

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M***a 4/2/2016 1:47:22 AM


In Chinese zodiac, the Rat born in 1972 is not compatible with the rabbit born in 1975. Although your element wood is compatible with his element water, you conflict seriouly with each other as your earthly branch is Mao and his Zi. If you get married, you will find your luck after marriage will disappear and the happy time for you is too short. Most of this kind of match live a less happy marriage life if get married.

You can treat each other honestly, but may also be tired of the monotonous and uneventful life easily. In love, The male rat is jealous, while the female rabbit may be as changeable as the weather.

So, my viewpoint is a long pain rather short pain. If you find your have big problems in marriage and couldn't find a way to solve. You are suggested to give up as early as possible. My apologise if I say something wrong.

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