Marriage line was downward at end and also have 3 marriage line


My marriage line with small cut and downward at end towards heart line and also having 3 marriage lines and third one was splitted as 'Y ' at the end, give me a solution pls

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Hi Nandy,

Small cuts on your marrige line indicates you have chances to lose your children. As it's downward at end towards heart line and one is splitted as Y at the end, you love life may not be stable or there may be some changes in your love life in the future.

No matter what kind of marriage lines you have, don't take it seriously. As long as you manage your marriage carefully and with your heart, you could enjoy a good marriage life. By the way, the palm lines for a person is not fixed, they will change with your change. It will turn to be a better one if you have a good attitude towards life.

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