Rooster baby for dragon mum and snake dad


Is this a good year for a baby, I'm a 1988 dragon and partner is 1989 snake

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Dear Rachel,

Ox, Snake, and Rooster are in one of the Four Compatible Groups of Chinese Zodiac.
Dragon and Rooster are in one of the Six Compatible Groups of Chinese Zodiac.

So, if you could have a baby born in the Rooster year (starting from January 28, 2017 and lasting to February 15, 2018), it will be very good for your family.

If the baby will be born after February 15, 2018, his/her sign will be dog. Dog is not compatible with Dragon.
Hi, same situation as Rachel above, does it really matter if dragon mum give birth in dog year? Will we be not compatible and arguing the whole life? We are planning to have kids this year, noticing might be too late to try and give birth during this rooster year and might fall under dog year instead. We wouldn't wanna wait another year. Pls advice. Thanks
Hi Evvie,

Don't worry this too much. It's not right to every Dragon and Dog. Some of them still could be compatible. This is just the most case. You may belong to the rare case.

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