Dreamed Snakes twice


I had a dream last week where everyone was running away at a strange house,, It was about to rain. Then at that house I saw a workmate who is a brother to my boss. I got afraid after seen everyone running then I joined them then we locked ourselves in that house. I checked the windows I saw that the snakes where big and they were chasing people. 2 snakes started coming to the house and they passed through a pipe that let water outside. I quickly took a rod and placed in that hole before they got inside. The smaller snake passed its head but it went back when it saw me, I waited for seconds then the bigger one appeared and I crushed the head. That's how they disappeared and I told everyone not to be scared and everything was okay. Many people I saw were couples, husband and wives.

Today I had another one, We where told to make a whole where they wanted to pass a pipe. That place was a drainage. I was the one who was responsible, that place was my granny's place where Mum took us to play when we where kids. Then I was tired I almost gave up. Then as we made the whole from the other side I stopped. i was told to see a stranger who was stopped on the street. Only to discover that it was My grand Dad who gave birth to my Mum I was not surprised but got back to work. As I got back to make the hole, I succeed. Then I saw a snake it wrapped itself in a circle and it didn't move. I didn't do anything I just left it there. What does that mean, I normally have snake dreams during this time of the year, what does that mean?

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Snake is one of the animals often appear in our dreams. It is popular in the folk that dreaming about the snake is a symbol of wealth. In the psychological analysis of dreams, it has multiple meanings like sex, wisdom and intuition. As you always dream of snake, it indicates you will have a good luck in wealth.

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